Struga Poetry Evenings

Struga Poetry Evenings is an international poetry festival held annually in Struga, Republic of Macedonia. During the several decades of its existence, the Festival has awarded its most prestigious award, the Golden Wreath, to some of the most notable international poets

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The Carnival of Vevchani

Every year on January 13-14 a masked carnival is held in the village of Vevchani to the north of Struga. The carnival is an Orthodox celebration of the New Year's Eve (according to the old Julian calendar) highlighted by a mask procession of local groups. Precisely, the carnival is held in honor of the great Christian holiday “St. Vasilij” (St. Basil) commonly known as Vasilitsa that marks the beggining of the new year (January 14) according to the Julian calendar. At the same time the carnival highlights the fact that some pagan rituals are still marking the cultural living of the local population. Young people dressed in ritual clothing and with masks on their faces, perform old magic rituals and blessings in order to have good health and good harvest througout the year.

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International Handball Tournament

International Handball Tournament Struga one of the oldest handball tournaments under open sky. Handball Starts Here is our logo. Visit Struga Republic of Macedonia every summer and enjoy the best game.

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