The art gallery “ Vangel Kodzoman ” within the “Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski ” museum Struga, was founded in 1980, as an exhibition space for the perpetual display of 33 of the author`s paintings. The displayed paintings are interspersed with a unique thread of tradition, heritage, and the spirit of the surrounding. From the profuse artistic opus of Vangel Kodzoman, a meaningful segment and a lasting theme preoccupation are his paintings inspired by his hometown Struga and its surroundings. Numerous of the motives, which as smeared photographic shots are interlaced, converted and transformed into paintings through which the artist experiences and percepts in a strong and sung-about wooden louvers, the winding sandy alleys, the market, the wide fishing spots, the idle cupboards, the blue waters of the lake.

Many of the motives by which the author was assumed and encouraged through a characteristic empirical expression to be transferred on canvas, paper, or plywood are lost today. They have irreversibly disappeared with the breath of time and the dynamics of the contemporary way of life; however, this paintings covered with the coating of the years receive a documentary note of last coryphaeus which will always remind us of the beautiful architecture of the old city, the life in the bazaar and the idyllic landscape of the surrounding.

vangel-kodzoman_rodniot-sokak                                                vangel-kodzoman_kukata-na-tasica2

Вангел Коџоман "Куќата на Тасица 2"                                                            Вангел Коџоман "Родниот сокак"


gorna-mala                                  nasiot-sokak

Вангел Коџоман "Горна мала"                                                                Вангел Коџоман "Нашиот сокак"


kumbarov-sokak                                 slepo-sokace

       Вангел Коџоман "Кумбаров сокак"                                                    Вангел Коџоман "Слепо сокаче"              

motiv-od-stara-struga                                 motiv-od-stara-struga3        

Вангел Коџоман "Мотив од стара Струга"                                         Вангел Коџоман "Мотив од стара Струга"        

saat-kulata-vo-struga                                kraj-drim

Вангел Коџоман "Саат кулата во Струга"                                                    Вангел Коџоман "Крај Дрим"


turska-mala                                  vangel-kodzoman-stara-struska-carsija

Вангел Коџоман "Турска мала"                                                        Вангел Коџоман "Старата струшка чаршија"