Museum has over a 150 pieces of folklore wears from all over the regions of the county, several complete full wears, some 20 pieces of jewelry, around 80 pieces of furniture tools and other household objects, as well as huge number of photographs and other noted information. So as will be the further task and primary occupation of this dept.


          storage jar                                                                                                                House, museum depot


          Struga dress                                                                                                                    Struga male dress


          Albanian dress in Struga                                                                                dress by Islamized Macedonians


          socks                                                                                                                      ethnological performance




During these researches an huge number of funds were discovered which now takes place at the museums Depoe. The archeological material which is on a disposal to the Museum is rich, various, and consisted of stone and bone made weapons, bronze and iron specimens of weapons, part of weapons different pots, vessels, potery made of clay, decorative things and jewelry made of metal and glass. The Museum also has a very valuable numismatic collection.                                                                                    

          pile dwelling                                                                                                                 Stone and bone tools


          Bronze helmet Macedonian                                                                                                      figured hydria


          Necklace of amber, fibula and a metal object                                                               Fibula, Asia Minor shield


          Necklace of glass paste with small amphorae                    Gold earrings with lion protons Macedonian-Hellenistic


          Silver ring                                                                      Bronze handle of a crater with zoomorphic decoration


         Two prehistoric bowls                                                                                             Macedonian type amphora




After the liberation and the museum’s reopening for public, they hired people from the craft, biologists and two preparators. The intense collection with complete scientific approach toward the material, resulted with fast renewing of the found of the museum. Today at the museum there are rich found of great value to the science. The modest entomology collection with only several mammals and raptors at the beginning today represents one vast complex where are presented the typical animal groups which live on this area surrounding Struga, and lately part of the botanical material ( mainly plants from the mud’s and water ) At the exhibition there are big number of small and bigger cabinets representing various kinds of animals and their typical habitats.


         PELECANUS CPISPUS pelican                                                                                 SALMO LTNICA Ohrid trout


        SALMO LTNICA swan                                                                                       ANAS CLYPEATA duck Spoonbill


        PLATALEA LEUCORODIA heron Spoonbill                                                                             NETTA RUFINA veil


        TETRAX TETRAX                                                                                                                        SATURNIDAE


        snakes VIPERA                                                                                            SPONGIA Sundzher of Lake Ohrid