The mountaineering and ecological society “Zakamen” Struga, Macedonia has been founded on the 12th of July, 2013 on the initiative of four young enthusiasts and lovers of mountain sports. Since then, MES “Zakamen” Struga has grown into the most active and attractive mountaineering society in the Ohrid-Struga region of Macedonia. Since its creation, the mission of MES “Zakamen” Struga is the preservation and advancement of mountaineering in Struga and R. of Macedonia, preservation of the natural beauties and riches, the creation of conditions for mountain stay, as well as promotion of ecology as an important science, all through the activation of the young people in Struga and R. of Macedonia. The membership in the society in 2014 was 16 active members, and is constantly on the rise since, which only attests of the dedication and the hard work of its members.


The founders of MES Zakamen Struga are:

1.       Andrej Bandovski – President of MES Zakamen

2.      Dimitri Gjorgonoski – Member of the Management board of MES Zakamen

3.      Gorjan Kostovski – Member of the Management board of MES Zakamen

4.     Vladimir Gjorgjioski – Member of the Management board of MES Zakamen



MES Zakamen strives to provide the safest mountain experience possible.



Safety is our number one priority. MES “Zakamen” guides draw from their wealth of mountain knowledge, experience and training to make sound decisions that improve your chance of reaching the summit while maintaining the necessary margin of safety.



MES Zakamen’s goals are:

·        Activating the youth by organizing mountaineering marches and other mountaineering and ecological activities in R. of Macedonia and the neighboring countries;

·        Helping the development and the promotion of mountaineering in the city of Struga and the R. of Macedonia.

·        Preservation of natural beauty and other natural mountain riches from harm and destruction;

·        Taking care of the mountaineering infrastructure;

·        Creating conditions for nature stay, especially in the mountain;

·        The promotion of ecology as science;

·        Creation and management of scientific or applicative projects in the field of ecology and preservation of the environment;

·        Creation and participation in the creation of strategies for sustainable use of natural resources;

·        Spreading ecological knowledge and improving ecological education;

·        Promoting the principle of sustainable development.



Mountaineering can be both intensely challenging and deeply satisfying. Mountaineers, whether they are professionals or amateurs, know that mountaineering opens the door towards a life filled with unique adventures. The opportunity to set high, but attainable goals, the rare chances of visiting and experiencing new and unforgettable places, the growing respect towards the fragile beauty of nature, as well as the opportunity to forge new and long-lasting friendships only add to the benefits of your experience with Zakamen and the mountain. Do join us!